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Couples Therapy

I provide therapy for individuals in long-term and short-term relationships who are experiencing difficulties.

Trauma Counselling

I provided trauma counselling in a safe and private space for my clients.


I use client-specific treatment to help my clients deal with their anxiety and figure out the root cause.

Behaviour Problems

In my practice I provide play therapy and therapy for adolescents that is developmentally appropriate.


I use client-specific treatment modalities like CBT in order to help clients overcome depression.


I work within a multidisciplinary team to ensure the right diagnosis and treatment is provided.

Rooms in Durban

My name is Hameeda Bassa-Suleman and I am a clinical psychologist in Durban. Thank you so much for taking the time to view my website, and for having the courage to seek help.

My Mission

It is my mission to provide first-class psychological assessments and treatment to my patients. As a clinical psychologist I strive to enrich the lives of my patients and members of the community.

What you get

I provide a high standard of therapeutic care for both private and corporate clients for a range of psychological issues. I deal with a large variety of issues on a day-to-day basis. Please feel free to comment or contact me for any queries you may have.


In my day to day work as a clinical psychologist, I deal with many relationship issues. Relationships with family, friends and partners. In maintaining a healthy

Is trying good enough? A reflection on motherhood

This article was first published for the Mail & Guardian’s Thought Leader page in July 2015. By Hameeda Bassa-Suleman I have learnt a lot about mothers

What is depression?

Today it is common for us to hear people discussing depression and how most people within our communities have become depressed. Whether it is due to


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