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What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a term that is used to describe certain disorders that cause nervousness, apprehension and worry. Anxiety can sometimes have a negative impact on how we feel and behave and can lead to physical symptoms, with no specific organic cause.

Often in life, due to the difficulties we experience on a day-to-day basis, we all have general worries about things we have to do like: write an exam, complete certain domestic tasks within the day or preparing for a jalsa or wedding. Feelings of worry or apprehension about something going wrong in these instances is considered normal.

Anxiety becomes a problem that requires attention when feelings of worry and nervousness become so intense and overwhelming that they interfere with a person’s ability to sleep, eat and function with day to day activities at home, at work and with family and friends.

People with an anxiety disorder usually have reactions which are out of proportion with what is generally expected of a certain situation, and that cause them enough psychological distress that they cannot function normally. This usually has a negative impact on their relationships with other people, which can cause more anxiety. Therefore it is important for people who believe they may have a problem with anxiety to seek a mental health professional for ways to treat this.

Anxiety can be treated in many different ways in therapy. There are different treatment modalities which can be used to provide the best outcome. In my practice, I try to select the best form of therapy which would suit the needs of my client.